Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chocolate Galore


One Sunday morning, we crave for some local chocolates. So we bought all of these.

Choco Mucho, Wiggles, Nips, Cloud 9 and LALA.

Om nom nom. :)


Dear Finland

Dear Finland,

Why are you gone too soon?  I hope you're in a good place right now. I still can't believe what happened to you. I should have searched for you last night before sleeping. :(

I know we've been only close for like 3 months, but you captured my heart in your little ways of sweet gestures. Sorry if sometimes I scold you for being rowdy and noisy. But I will surely miss your cute face and nice fur. And  playful attitude.

Say hi to your "twin" sister Norway for us.

You'll be missed Finny.

We miss you NORWAY(up) and FINLAND(down)

~ Ail ~ 

Sister Luck


I asked my sister to accompany me because I need to meet a friend at the mall. Altough it's raining, nothing can stop us from going to the mall and of course, dressing up. ;)

First stop, SM Megamall. 

We finally had a chance to visit what I called “the candy store” (you’ll know what I mean when you,  fashion forward individual, first visited this). I told myself that I should buy something as a reminder of my first visit here (errr… alright it was my 2nd but the 1st time, I just passed by the store) .

After searching for some good finds, we got hungry and decided to eat at Almon Marina Sandwich Bar and Deli.

I got the Club Breakfast

Ail got the California Roast Beef

Om nom nom

Second stop, Trinoma. 

I met my friend to give her the gown for her daughter. After that we went to Toys R' Us to purchase a gift for our nephew Ahmir. Ail found a cute hippie-vibe Spongebob Squarepants baller and decided to get it. 

We stroll down our favorite shops. And when we got tired, we sat down at The White Hat and had some fro-yo fix. 

I got the Choco-Loco hat

Ail had the Monkey's hat

We took a cab on our way home because the line for FX is so long. Maybe because it's pay-day and the people started to shop for Christmas.

Ail's happy fix:

I also bought this wayfarer-like shades, the kind I was looking for for months, and got this owl necklace too for my sis (which I could borrow later on, hehe!) . 

Indeed, shopping is a therapy! Happy shopping everyone! 


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Planning Ahead...

It’s the time of the year again. Days full of caffeine. I’m a self-confessed not-coffee-addict. I do rarely drink one. But , since I’m interested in getting one of those 3 Starbucks 2011 Planner.

Well, I should start now to give myself a weekly dose of caffeine to complete the 17 stickers! 

~ Abbey ~ 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thrift Shoppin’


It is true that someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure…

Recently, me and my shopping buddy went to “cheap-finds” haven , Quiapo. Of course we visited the famous Quiapo Church. Then, the hunting starts…We got this brown messenger bag on the street for only 250Php.(we haggled of course! from 300 down to the said price… yeah!). I’m sooo lovin’ this!

Then I saw this aviator, bought it for … 60Php. Cool! (Hey , it doesn’t look 60 pesos when you wear it! LOL! )

Then we were looking for a plaid button down for my big bro (in a thrift shop) and ended up buying these denim jackets instead, for only… you wouldn’t believe it… 40 Php.(each) . I just love the details of this one…

This was a good buy… it’s Forever21 denim jacket (light wash)! Yeah!

Looking forward to the next adventures…
I should say… “The best things in life , well , are not always free but they sometimes come in … cheap!” . Hahaha!
This haggle thingy and finding “good finds” in a thrift shop is a TALENT.
Proud to say… I got it. :))

~ Abbey ~ 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We R In Need of Musical Revolution

We R In Need of Musical Revolution

by Esthero

I'm so sick and tired of the shit on the radio
and MTV, they only play the same thing
no matter where I go
I see Ashanti in the video
I want some thing more
We are in need of a musical ReVoLuTioN!
We are in need of....
How can you make your way through the world today
when everybody is so angry?
And what we HEAR affects our HEARTS...
there's got to be a better way to communicate
so show your LOVE not hate
We are in need of a musical ReVoLuTioN!
(we're so tired of the same old)
We are in need of some spiritual evolution
(we're so tired of the same old, same old)
We are in need of love
We are in need of love
I'm calling, calling, I'm calling out
calling you
Doesn't anybody wanna do something new?
I'm calling all creators in the movement
It's time to offer a solution to the dilution of what we love
And the greats would be so disappointed
'Cause we've sold our souls for what we don't own anymore...
We are in need of LOVE
Lets start a musical ReVoLuTioN!
(we're so tired of the same old)
We are in need of some lyrical evolution
(we're so tired of the same old, same old)
I'm so sick and tired of the SHIT on the radio
and MTV they only play the same thing
No matter where I go
I see Ashanti in the video
I want something
'Cause I'm sick and tired of the shit on the radio
and MTV they only play the same thing
no matter where I go
I see Britney on my video screen
Lets start a musical ReVoLuTioN!
I want something more
Lets start a musical ReVoLuTioN
Tell me why....
A grown man can RAPE a little girl
but we STILL hear his SHIT on the radio
A grown-ass man can videotape a little girl
but we still see his mug up on our video screens?
I want something more......
I want something.

* LSS... fine!*


Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Toffee

Dear Toffee,

We've only been together for like 16 days, but you really made us feel like we've been together for years. You are such a darling. Whenever I came in from that door, your tail wags as if you were telling me you are glad to see me. Such a jolly dog! We never had a dog like you before (you, Chico, is an exception because you have a different case, haha!). You always wanted to play with the ball and that dog stuffed toy . *Sigh* I miss that!

Things happened so fast. We did everything we could to save you, but I think we must let you go to lessen your suffering.

You will be remembered, Toffee!

~ Abbey ~