Monday, September 5, 2011



Sistren went out to process something. I on the other hand followed my parents at the mall. I happily left the house while securing Tootsie inside. 

At 5 in the afternoon, we went home. I was puzzled because no little dog welcomed me. So I searched  inside the house. And found nothing. I was alarmed. What if she's missing? Oh, no I can't take another heartbreak (from a dog).

I looked high and low. Went around each street near us for 3 times. Failed to see her. And finally gave up. 

It's getting darker. If we can't see her, she is lost forever.

While feeling blue, I still stayed outside and looked from left to right.

Suddenly, I saw my dad.....with a small, white dog racing towards our house. The incident became a scene straight from a movie, wherein a dog runs fast and jumps at their owner after being apart from each other. Tears were just around my eyes. My mind became peaceful and delighted  when I finally saw Tootsie.

Even though, she is so naughty and hard headed, I am still grateful that Tootsie became our dog. I appreciated her more now. I will be more understanding, good, caring and loving towards her.

I love you Tootsie patootie!


Accessories Overhaul part 2


our new accessories

black bow, red Eiffel tower and yellow bow earrings.

red feather earrings.

LOVE connector ring.

silly bands.


Happy 1st!


Yay! It's our (LaidbackChicas) first year anniversary! And to celebrate that, we went to the mall. Oh! We're such mall rats! 

After strolling, we got hungry and tried KFC's Tower Burger. Hash brown + Cheese + Chicken = Om nom nom!

And of course we bought something.

Our purchases of the day:

Satchel Bag from Belladonna. Cosmopolitan September 2011.

                                                  Lucky January 2011. Flip flops from Juice.

We made a vow to update our blog as much as we can. Hope we can comply to that.
I wish for more adventures.. Cheers for us! :)