Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chico's 10th Birthday


Our buddy, Chico, turned 10 last November 18 and that makes him 70 years old in human age. He is such a cool guy (though he gets jealous easily). More years to come, good 'ol buddy! ;)


It Girl


Yay! I'm now twenteen! haha Had a simple celebration. Dinner with my sistren and the 'rents. 

Japanese food for dinner

Sistren and I

Mom and Dad




Photo shoot occurred when we arrive at home.

With Daddy

With Mommy

With Sistren


Vain Sisters

Krispy Kreme doughnuts as my cake

Make a wish

With Big Brethren

My happy fix


cinder-ELLA's Birthday


It's Ella's 7th birthday party at McDonalds Don Antonio. And the theme was none other than Disney Princess. The LaidbackChicas decided to don an outfit inspired by the Disney Princesses. On another note, it is also Raya's 2nd time to attend a children's party. She really enjoyed it. Actually, everybody had lots of fun. We love bonding with our relatives.

Sistren as Pocahontas

Myself as Snow White

Ail, Mom, Ate Hazel and Raya

Sistren and I

Ail and Raya

A photo mosaic by our brethren

The birthday girl, cinder-ELLA

Raya and Sistren

Mom, Ail, Raya and Sistren

Raya, Mom, Ail and Sistren

The girls with the birthday celebrant

Sistren and I with Grimace

Photo booth 1

Photo booth 2

The Manalad side


Friday, November 11, 2011



Every October, Megamall hold its Sale season. And the laidback chicas consistently go there and shop. Yeah! We got sale alerts. 

Of course, our favorite shop Forever 21 is our first stop. And since we're on a lay low, this is our only destination.

Can't resist this sign!

Sistren's purchase:

Striped bikini top
White tank top
Red tribal skirt
Vans watch

My purchase:

Striped dress
Plain white tee




After strolling down the mall, we decided to unwind. Can't decide if we should have coffee, ice cream or fro-yo. Then we passed by this cute bubble tea store, Chatime. So we gave it a try. At first, we don't know what to order so I just had their best seller Pearl Milk Tea while sistren got their Chocolate Mousse. Later on, I was like "Ooohh! It's so rejuvenating." Sistren also enjoyed her milk tea. We'll definitely go back there and try their other flavors.



One afternoon, Chico had his bubble bath. Such a cutie!


Mom's Birthday


Simple celebration at home.

our birthday greetings 

beef mushroom



the celebrant

sweet couple

Dad, Raya and Mom

the girls

Ryan, Raya, Mom and Kuya