Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl Bonding


Last time, me, my li'l sissy and mom spent some quality time by doin' some small shopping. The word SALE is just very tempting. Here are some snapshots we had during that bonding moment.

Mom and li'l sissy @ Papa John's while waiting for our orders.

The Pastas, Carbonara and Diablo Burst.

Chicken Platter

Meat Lovers Pizza

Here are our purchases of the day:

Lisa Simpson tee and floral board shorts for Ail

Gray jeans for me


February Fix

The laidback chicas love to spend time together. And since it's February a.k.a Love month, we had our weekly date at the mall. Shopping, pigging out, sitting down at a coffee shop and reading makes up our typical bonding.

Advance Valentines Day Lunch at Bigoli

Sistren's New Baby - Samy 

New Headbands

My Book of the Month

New Straw Hat

Food Sale at SM Megamall

New Black and Yellow Wayfarer


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baguio 2012 (part 2)

Here are some of the pictures from Day 2: 

At Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral

At Botanical Garden

Goofing Around

Ice Cream

At Mines View Park

At Good Shepherd

Kikay Horse

Awesome Place

Great Combination

At Camp John Hay

Our room

Our favorite Hotdog with a random cutie




Baguio 2012 (part 1)


My siblings and I went to Baguio for a weekend getaway. Stroll, pig-out and shop were mostly the things we did. We definitely enjoyed our short stay here. And I bet we'll do this again.

Good Morning Baguio!

The Laidback chicas


Strawberry Taho


Tam-awan Village

Ail and Abbey


Are We There Yet?


Lourdes Grotto

Ninety three...Ninety four...Lalala


Session Road

Lunch at Don Henricos

Ail's OTD

Abbey's OTD

50's Diner

Thumbs Up for 50's Diner

Om nom nom