Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eye Eye Sir!


after I had my eye surgery




This combi never fails to make me  ”chocoloco” . It’s nutella-me-crazy!!!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Candy's First Fashion Show

 Sistren loves to draw girls with nice outfits. I also had that phase in my life way back in grade school. I tried to copy the clothes from W.I.T.C.H gang (my favorite comics). One time, we bought a Barbie coloring book just to embellish different wardrobe. Lately, (like 2008?) the fashion bug bit us. We became more conscious in terms of what to wear to certain occasions, watched America's Next Top Model, bought more fashion magazines and even created our own chictopia accounts. It's our aspiration to watch a live fashion show. And that dream came to life last April 3. Candy Magazine is having their first-ever fashion show at SM Megamall. I thought I should come and witness this. So I bugged my sister to accompany me and fortunately she said "Yes!". On Sunday, we went to SM Megamall and actually arrived early. I presented my Candy April issue and got my stamp. While my sister bought a copy at a nearby bookstore so she can enter too. Alas! We're in. The show should start at 1 pm but it got delayed. Yet we stood still and just waited patiently, talked about random stuff and let the time go by.

Me and my sistren

Finally the show started at 3 pm. Sayawatha Dance Troupe opened the show with an amazing dance number.

 The first collection was from Skechers.

Legit Status put on a nice dance number.

 3AM serenaded the Candy girls with their rendition of "Go on girl" and "Please don't go".

Carefree collection was next. Their outfits were so inspiring.

Someday Dream had an amazing song number as well.

The fashion bloggers were the last to strut their stuff along with two models they styled themselves. Oh so fab styling!

Sam Concepcion made the girls go-gaga as he closed the show. Such a cutie!

Models and fashion bloggers give way to Candy magazine's Margaux Romero as she show off her stuff. The show ended with a bang.

Candy Magazine's editors

Sistren with Macy Alcaraz

Ail with Kirsten Rice

Sistren with Rosanna

 Oh! Feels like utopia! We totally had a blast. Till the next fashion show.