Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Year 2013


It's the Year of the Snake. And we welcome 2013 with open arms and purple shirts. Cheers!

team Minnie Mouse

happy couple

Laidback Chicas



Dad, Raya and Abbey

Ail, Raya and Mom

purple family

hello, Barney!

let's eat!

BIRVHA peeps


Manalad Reunion 2012


Just like last year, our get-together was held on the 30th. The annual photo shoot of the fab four (Ail, Abbey, Cui and Ella) and the whole family, gift giving and playing bingo still perpetuated. But this time we cut it shorter.  Nevertheless, it is a merry Sunday.

om nom nom

caught up baby Vince

fail OOTD shot

us girls

ring party

fab four


family picture


gifts I received


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful Sunday


This day was full of activities. It's the start of Simbang Gabi so the Laidback Chicas heard mass. Went straight home, took a nap then went to World Trade Center for Bloggers United 4. And last but not the least, our Little Miss Sunshine turned two years old. All in all this day was fun!

yummy breakfast

Raya's gifts

new pet

Ail's OOTD

Abbey's OOTD

with Bestie Konisis

with Tin Iglesias

with Tracy Ayson

with Enciso sisters

with Kookie Buhain


choco mint


new toys


Abbey's purchase

Ail's purchase