Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The One... Who Took Us By Storm


'Twas one of the busiest day of my life, but it's defo on the books! After my work , I went straight to my Spanish class. Then came afternoon, went to the most awaited part of that day... the Incubus concert.

          That was 7 years ago when they first visited Manila. So much I wanted to see them perform live, I just don't have any means. I was in my senior year then in college. That same date was also the date of my finals (for one of my major subjects, oh , damn engineering!).

          About 4 years after that , they came back. March 9, 2008 , marked one of the happiest day of my life. Pacific Rim Tour was held at The Araneta Coliseum. No 2nd thoughts on goin' to the concert. I saved up for the tix, tag along my friends (because I know it will be happier to have someone wit' you) and filed my leave from work. Yes, I did everything I need to do just to go there. Whatever it takes!

         On the concert : My heart skipped so fast. I was really excited. Sang my heart out with their songs. I'm no die-hard fan. I may not know some of their new songs but I'm glad the Pacific Rim Tour's playlist was composed of (mostly) songs from their 1st five studio albums. Unfortunately , I didn't bring a good camera to take some photos. All I wanted to do then was to listen and watch the band perform. I even got this so called "bug", (and I call it Incubug), wherein I was playing all Incubus songs , browsing concert vids through Youtube, and also browsing concert pics (and boy, they were around the 'net!). That hit me for about 3-4 weeks. Thanks to my good friend for helping me deal wit' the "bug". Haha! Thanks also to those who shared their vids and pics.

          If Not Now , When? Have you ever felt of outgrowing the kind of music you "used" to listen to, or doing things you "used" to do, like going to concerts , gigs , moshpits. You have new sets of priorities, new things to do... Bottomline is, I did have second thoughts of going to their 3rd concert. Announcements were all over the 'net (them comin' over ... again for the 3rd time). Then they also released their 7th studio album few weeks before the concert.

         Then I finally decided to come (not until April), 3 months prior to the event proper. Tickets were easily sold out. Whoa! But I got my tix 2 weeks before the concert. And unfortunately , I wasn't able to get the seat that I wanted (yeah! they're sold out). Nevertheless, what's important is that , I'm gonna experience the same old "love" I used to have.

         Some highlights on the concert proper : I got the same natural high. A lot of people from all over the PH came in , despite the typhoon Juaning. Front act by Franco ( I can't think of any local band that would fit in  my standard, that is, to play for Incubus besides Franco). Sang my heart out like no one's there (I don't mind losing my voice) . Mike Einziger got the "rockstar" attitude on the first part of the concert. And Brandon was a legit teaser. He didn't take off his shirt (which I know most of us, ladies , were waiting for)! * Sigh *

        Here is the playlist:

1. Megalomaniac
2.Wish You Were Here
3. Consequence
4. Pardon Me
5. Anna Molly
6. Love Hurts
7. Circles
8. Look Alive
9. Promises, Promises
10. The Warmth
11. Drive
12. Sick Sad Little World
13. Isadore
14. Glass
15. Talk Shows On Mute
16. Adolescents
17. A Crow Left of the Murder

18. I Miss You
19. In the Company of Wolves
20. Nice To Know You

        And for the record, I haven't got the chance to listen to their latest album (If Not Now , When?) because my busy life is really eating me up! A lot of 'em listeners of the band said that this was the most mellow of all their albums. That's for me to find out...


Accessories Overhaul


Decided to go to our favorite accessories haven downtown and bought these eye-candies. FTW! 

I personally like these rings. They're a good steal! 


Girl Bonding


Bonding wit' our nieces, Naomi, Tiffany, Raya and Ella. Such cuties! 

The little rascals... 

Tiffani Rozanne

Roan Naomi

All smiles... 

Barbie time wit' Aviella Roxanne 




Preview July 2011. Cropped top.

cropped top

back ish Candy magazine October 2010




Wonder Woman flip flops for Abbey

Floral Plimsolls and Polka-dot Socks for me.

Happy Feet! :)


Shop Till You Drop!


"Swiper, no swiping"

But in our case... it's swipe till you drop. Hahaha! Went shopping today and bought these goodies. 

L-O-V-E Shopping!!! 


Sofia Raya


We took our cutie niece out for the 1st time and strolled around the mall. 

Raya having some fries. Yum yum! 

On Krispy Kreme kiosk

Raya on horsey - horsey. I bet she enjoyed the ride! 

Aww... she got tired. Zzzz... 

Went to Toy Kingdom, and let her decide which stuff toy she wants. And the winner is... not the one that she's holding in the pic. 

A bunny headband looks cute on her... isn't it? :P


Movie date


We (us chicas plus big brethren) usually have our movie dates. So last July 2 was no exception. Of course,  Transformers 3 was our flick pick.

Dinner first at

Our first time to eat at this restaurant. Such a great choice for us! We'll definitely be back.

Then off to the long line for the movie. But it was worth it because the movie was sooooooooooo awesome! 

Sistren as Bumble Bee and yours truly as Optimus Prime. lol